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21 Women-Led Recovery Podcasts to Listen to When You Need Hope

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They do some fantastic work at highlighting alcoholism and help with sobriety, or providing valuable information for anyone who is sober curious. About This Sobriety Podcast – She Recovers has a wonderful community and their podcast is awesome for anyone exploring the world of sobriety and needing extra motivation or inspiration. The episodes offer a great collection of audio posts, recorded talks and interviews that have been specifically created for the She Recovers community.

  • This can mean talking about anything from early recovery to how to plan for a new year to celebrating your soberversary.
  • Jes Valentine and Kate Zander go over the basics of recovery and help other people reach sobriety.
  • However, it not only damages your liver but also cripples the dreams and lives of alcoholics and addicts.
  • The Unruffled podcast goes a step further and gives some great ideas on what to do with their new life.
  • Alcoholism movies have great alcoholism themes and a lot of emotional content.

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What are the Longest Alcoholism Related Podcasts?

These podcasts are free on platforms like Spotify and users don’t need to create an account or provide debit or credit card information. With over 2,400 reviews and a 4.9-star rating, this podcast is sure to be a great listen for anyone in recovery. This podcast ended in July of 2021, but hundreds of episodes are still up and available to tune into. 🎉 Join the #1 community of podcast lovers and never miss a great podcast. Join the #1 community of podcast lovers and never miss a great podcast.

  • This is the place to find your addiction and beat it; find your foe and the weapon to defeat it.
  • Hear from special guest and actor Rob Koebel, as he recalls his struggle with pushing drink away.
  • Recovery Happy Hour is a podcast hosted by Tricia Lewis, a woman in recovery who showed the world how life can improve after quitting drinking.
  • McCarthy is someone who went through the process of recovering from addiction, so he speaks from experience.

These podcasts focus on peer support, alcoholism, and recovering from addiction. Comedian Paul Gilmartin hosts a weekly, hour-long audio podcast consisting of interviews with artists, friends, and the occasional doctor. The show is geared towards anyone interested in or affected by depression, addiction, and other mental challenges that are so prevalent in the creative arts. Paul’s hope is that the show and his website will give people a place to connect, smile, and feel the return of hope. The biggest myth about mental illness is that you are alone and there is no help. This show provides support for folks who love the AA program but struggle with, ya know, the God stuff.

Let’s Talk Drugs

This is the place for delightful conversations about non-alcoholic cocktails and the joy of sober living. The voices of hosts like Jean McCarthy, the sober wisdom of Tricia Lewis, and the scientific insights of Gill Tietz in Sober Powered offer a multifaceted look at recovery. Tricia Lewis quit drinking alcohol in November 2016 and hasn’t looked back since.

Hear the stories of active recovery groups and see what it is when addiction is treated with compassion and a stern view. Heroin and pain pills need serious moral and medical support to help an addict get clean. But, more importantly, IGNTD looks at the issues of being an addict and still having to cope with the chaos of life. A podcast that delivers help on how to beat addictions and what to do after getting sober.

Mental Illness Happy Hour

The podcast helps listeners to not feel ashamed about the fact that they have an addiction, so they can reach out for help. Some guests are in recovery, and some have expert advice, such as how to get through the holidays, survive the beginning of sobriety, recognize the thoughts that lead Intermittent explosive disorder Symptoms and causes to addiction, and more. Listeners write that they love to hear women being so open about sobriety. The guest stories are often highly relatable and I think that this is what makes A Sober Girls Guide such an engaging and inspirational podcast that keeps listeners coming back for more.

best alcohol recovery podcasts

Due to 2020 upending all of our lives with the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had to seek out recovery options online and, thankfully, there are more online meetings than ever. But when we can’t meet IRL and you need more than just online meeting options, podcasts are here for you. With a podcast, you can find a way to relate, get advice, and feel a sense of community and camaraderie just when we all need it most. If you’re in the process of cutting back or quitting drinking, podcasts about sobriety can be an incredible resource. There are so many to choose from, and almost all of them offer empowering stories and insight that can help you along your journey. Lisa Smith and Tawny Lara host this dynamic, fun, and authentic podcast about sobriety (with a touch of rock and roll).

Need recovery support while on the go? Here are eight of the best addiction recovery podcasts around.

If you’re working on cutting back or quitting drinking, then podcasts can be an incredible tool to support your journey. When I first quit drinking I went into Spotify and searched “sober” and started listening to podcasts. It felt like a private way to get support without anyone knowing what I was doing. That’s why when I had more sober time, I decided to start my own podcast to help others who are afraid of quitting drinking and need support.

In July, a woman from Mesa., Ariz., became one of the first people convicted after she pleaded guilty to federal charges of money laundering and wire fraud. Prosecutors say she was an owner of two treatment companies that received $22 million. According to court documents, she spent the money on four Mercedes-Benz cars, homes in Las Vegas and Arizona, diamond necklaces and a showroom’s worth of Gucci, Versace and Louis Vuitton bags. Arizona has suspended more than 300 treatment businesses — including the company that ran the home where Ms. Antonio stayed.

. Busy Living Sober

This podcast is her delving into the mess and glory that comes with the human experience. As a sober woman of color, she explores all themes (which are not exclusive to recovery) in this podcast through the lens of transformational psychology. For instance, a recent episode talks about the “joy of missing out” and how that can be one of the most powerful forces in recovery. Other highlights include the mindset of sobriety, the calories of alcohol and how normal drinkers view addiction.

With unique perspectives and honest discussions, these episodes are relatable and inspiring. The Brobriety Sobriety Podcast is all about the intersection between sobriety and masculinity. Hosted by VanSober, this podcast tackles conversations about substance use, mental health, and wellness in the 21st century.

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